Persuasive essay on helmet safety

This is why they ride. Making helmet use mandatory for all motorists, bicycle, scooter or motorcycle, should be a law nationally enforced to protect all citizens from danger. The overwhelming theme across most of the motorist community is wearing a helmet should be a freedom of choice.

Inthe majority of states in the U. The definition of a seatbelt describes it as an safety accessory; a part of an overall occupant restraint system intended to reduce injuries by stopping the wearer from hitting hard interior elements of the vehicle or other passengers and by preventing the passenger from being thrown from the vehicle.

That same year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that helmets saved the lives of 1, motorcyclists and that more could have been saved had they been wearing helmets.

Feel the excitement and adrenaline run through your finger tips as you grasp the handle bars. As a society, that has an adverse effect on our medical costs and insurance costs. Without a Universal Helmet Law we all pay the price.

They are less stable than cars in emergency braking and less visible. Some motorists claim that helmets do more harm than good to a rider by restricting vision and leading to neck injuries in the event of a crash. Riders who do not wear helmets and are involved in crashes often have higher medical bills than riders who do wear helmets.

Increasingly, though, this is how they die. The same law should be applied to all individuals who drive a single track vehicle to wear a helmet. Helmets save lives and reduce head injuries to motorists in crashes; helmet laws for all riders increase helmet usage; helmet laws reduce the societal costs resulting from injuries and fatalities in motorcycle crashes.

The life and cost-saving benefits of motorists helmets and the effectiveness of helmet laws. While some of those arguments might have a little merit, I feel the benefits of wearing a helmet far outweigh the risks of not wearing a helmet.

The law requires all individuals to buckle a seat belt while riding in an automobile. The benefits of wearing a helmet decrease the likelihood of death, severity of injuries and reduce the cost of medical care required.

Pennsylvania being one of the states that has a partial law. There are many groups that support this universal helmet law: In41 percent of fatally injured motorcycle operators and 55 percent of fatally injured passengers were not wearing helmets. Experience the intense power and speed.

Helmets are designed to cushion and protect the head from the impact of an accident.

I believe that no matter what state that a helmet should be required when riding a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle. Compared with cars, motorcycles are an especially dangerous form of travel. A helmet may be the only protection you have if you experience an accident while riding.Bike helmet safety is a big problem in our society.

People do not realize that a bike helmet to a biker is the same as a seat belt to a motorist. We as bikers need all the protection that we can get since we don't have the tank-like protection of a "88 Ford Tempo. So now I am going to tell you a /5(3).

Ethics and safety essay: HOMEWORK the term morality. Morality refers to values subscribed to & fostered by society in general and individuals within society. Nov 09,  · The comparison of helmets for motorcycle safety to seat belts for automobile safety is an excellent example of an analogical resemblance argument.

By stating the commonly known fact that seat belt usage is enforced nationally by law, you justify your claim that helmets should be as r0b0ph0bia Do you really want to delete this prezi? Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again.

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We can help our organization to ensure that your motorcycle helmet and industrial safety helmets, visor, safety goggles, gloves, body protection, safety footwear and other safety equipment are line with the relevant national and. Essay on The Motorcycle Helmet Law Debate - People should not have to wear helmets because non-helmet usage dose not cost the government more money then helmet usage in a crash there is no difference between injuries with a helmet and without a helmet, and a helmet limits personal freedom.

Persuasive essay on helmet safety
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