Children should not be forced to believe in a particular religion

While someone who does not care for religion might say that someone is being "Forced" another might not. The study found children ages six to nineteen who attend religious services are at lower risk of suicide or suicide attempts, as well as alcohol and drug use and dangerous sexual behavior.

The Seyaj Organization for the Protection of Children describes cases of a year-old girl being married and raped in Yemen Nujood Ali[16] a year-old Yemeni girl dying of internal bleeding three days after marriage, [17] [18] and a year-old girl dying in childbirth after marriage.

Thus it is not clear whether this positive association is because of a positive effect of religion on health, an effect in the other direction, or an as of yet unknown lurking variable.

The Germans where not forced but were ok with the idea that the Jews were the cause for their problems. As children cannot, or often do not make decisions that are in their best interest of themselves, therefore it is the parent duty to do so.

You are completely missing the point of my debate. How could you expect a child to chose a religion just based off only the info. Con Hey guys, first time posting here. What religion should a parent teach? Just as when children learn anything they are influenced by their parents. You keep saying "force" when really that is not the situation.

On several occasions Dawkins made the claim that sexually abusing a child is "arguably less" damaging than "the long term psychological damage inflicted by bringing up a child Catholic in the first place".

So it is only logical that a child be exposed to a parents religion or tradition Report this Argument Con Excuse me, Mr Opponent Mcala7. Refer to any cult for more on this "brainwashing". I failed to memorize prayers and stumbled over them during the congregation chants.

Whether this association is a causal relationship in either direction religion to good health or good health to religion remains to be seen see Correlation does not imply causation. How could you expect a Catholic parent to teach their child Muslims beliefs.

Hitler blamed those who had money, had land and did not fight for Germany during WW1. It is the obligation of a parent to give a child the opportunity to learn and gain faith in a religion.Children should not be exposed to religion unless they discover it themselves, TMBR.

I assume that someone is in their religion because they believe that it is correct, or at least that it is right for them. In that sense, they are trying to teach or expose their children to what they think is best. "Children should not be forced to.

Religion a personal choice, not a forced belief system

Religion a personal choice, not a forced belief system. By Ally Stone on February 6, 2 Replies. Would it be so wrong to let our children discover religion on their own? We bring them into this world and mold them into another form of us, but is that the right thing?

Why not change the strict institutions we are forced to believe. Should children be forced to follow their parents' religion? 14% Say Yes 86% Say No Children shouldn't be forced into a religion. Religion is a person's right, irrespective of age. Parents should share what they believe, but not expect the child to adhere to their beliefs as well.

Children should be given options because forcing them. I deliberately chose surreal names so as not to distract from the real point.

Religion is the one exception we all make to the rule: don’t label children with the opinions of their parents.

Religion and children

Religion and gods play an important role in how many parents raise their children. Even parents who aren't very ardent in their faith and don't go to religious worship services very often seem to believe that religion is a vital component in any upbringing.

This is not justified, however. A child. Parents should not force their children into religion Faith is not something that should be forced on anyone.

Parents should not force their children into religion

In essence, we need to shift away from saying, "You believe this" toward "we.

Children should not be forced to believe in a particular religion
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